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  • “Growing up in a city neighborhood like mine was kind of hard for me, because you had to fit in. But at camp, I could totally be myself. Camp changed my life.”

  • “I built a high wall around myself so I can’t get hurt. But, here everyone was just looking to be themselves. Everyone was so relaxed... I learned I don’t need that wall. I think this camp is the best thing you can do to find yourself.”

  • “After camp, I auditioned for LaGuardia, the Fame school. I was the second one to go in. I repeated the lyrics over and over to myself from this song we learned at camp, I Sing the Body Electric, which is actually FROM Fame: ‘and in time and in time we will all be stars.’ That boosted my confidence. I looked the audience straight in the eye, and just sang with a smile. I got in.”

  • “I live in Queens. Everything here is the opposite from home. Here you can play outside without worrying about gangs. There’s things to do instead of watching TV. It’s not scary. I would like to stay here much longer...a week seems way too short.”

  • “I went to camp last summer to see the performance. When it was over I met some of them. All of the people I saw had smiles on their faces. I would like to be one of those people with a smile the size of the world.”

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Summer Stars provides economically disadvantaged children with an opportunity to discover themselves and their potential through the arts.

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September 25, 2013
Camp Summer Stars: "Power...
August 25, 2013
Camp Summer Stars 2013 Official...
September 18, 2012
21 Donnas Closing Body Electric
September 18, 2012
20 Aint No Mountian
September 18, 2012
19 Bringing Back Change
September 18, 2012
18 Call Me Maybe
September 18, 2012
17 Make Them Hear You
September 18, 2012
16 The Beast is my Friend
September 18, 2012
15 Slam
September 18, 2012
13 Higher Ground
September 18, 2012
12 Storytellers
September 18, 2012
14 With a Little Help from My...
September 18, 2012
11 Man in the Mirror
September 18, 2012
10 Home
September 18, 2012
8 Made in America
September 18, 2012
9 Waiting for Paint to Dry
September 18, 2012
7 We Want the Funk
September 18, 2012
6 Reaching for the Top
September 18, 2012
5 Public Service Announcement
September 18, 2012
4 Give us Hope

Latest Summer Stars News

What They’re Doing: Madelyn Reyes

More great alumni news, Madeystar Reyes (Madelyn Reyes, alumni ’03–’04 and ’06) writes:

“I am currently a graduating Senior at Long Island University, Post Campus in New York pursuing a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Management. I am also in the process of applying to graduate schools, Stony Brook University, University at Buffalo, and Long Island University and pursuing a Masters in Business Administration.

Summers Stars was an eye opener for me. My experience there was magnificent. I learned so much about who I am, and what my talents were and how to embrace and develop them. Although before attending, I had discovered that I love to sing, and dance, I did not know how much stronger I could be in both fields with coaching and guidance. Summer Stars did that for me.”

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