How You Can Help

“I have the courage to do things I’ve never done before.”

Give $10 and allow another camper to feel courageous.

“I wrote a song and yes it is pretty good, but I’m not done yet.”

Give $25 so this 12-year-old girl can finish her song.

“I should always be willing to take a risk because who knows, I might come out triumphant.”

Give $50 so this 13-year-old boy can take more healthy risks.

“I am an actress, but at Summer Stars I took a risk and took a blues class and a comedy class.”

Give $75 so another camper can stretch in a new direction.

“Summer Stars let me discover new talents I never knew I had.”

Give $100 so another kid can see how truly capable they are.

“This camp has changed my life.”

Give as much as you are able and you’ll change a kid’s life!

Your contribution, large or small, supports every facet of the organization and is vital to its success. All contributions make a difference in the lives of these young people.

To learn more about giving to Summer Stars, please contact Nina or Donna.