Past and Present Supporters

Artist and donor 50 Cent visits and meets with Summer Stars campers.

The Summer Stars Camp for the Performing Arts is grateful to both its anonymous donors as well as the following sponsors:


William P. Anderson Foundation
Creative Education Foundation
Margaret S. Lindsay Foundation
Southshore Playhouse
WEP Partnership



Melanie and Gren Anderson
David Antocci
Jessie Bencosme
Virginia Biggar
Patricia Brown
Amy Caplan
Debbie Casuto
Connie Chapin
Patricia Flynn
Chris and Willa Foran
Diane and Reg Foucar-Scocki
Debbie Haug
William Henry
Katherine Heusner
Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson
Susanna Jacobus
Deborah and Steven Kokinos
Chick Luther and The Unity Ride
Siri Lynn
John Marias
Maria Medeiros
Adele Milani
Ernest Milani
Brian and Elise Miller
Tina and Jeff Morris
Rebecca Morrison
Michael and Theresa Mullaney
Emily Newmann
Dave Norris and Kim Frye
Terry Quinn
Gretchen Dow Simpson
Allie and Nathan Scherich
Thomas Sommer
Nancy St. John and Emily St. John
Walt Stevenson
Michael Stockman
Steve Stockman and Family
Odessa Thomas
Miryam Vesset

Alumni Donors
Tislarm Bouie
Jeremy Fischer
Hillary Levitt
Jhenna Louis
Michelle Postely
Thomas Postely


In-Kind Donations

Steve Bohn at  LYNX Promotions
Tim Lynch
Dan Sterling