Words from Our Campers

This camp is filled with people I feel genuinely safe around. This feeling of safety allows for me to practice being confident and acting confident so that I might be able to return home and take risks that I might not otherwise take. – Mac, 17

This camp means the world to me. I can be myself here without being judged and don’t have to walk around with a mean face all day like I do where I live. – Kayvon, 17

This camp shows you how to make friends and be yourself without anyone judging you. – Kayonnah, 13

Camp Summer Stars is really important to me and I am thankul for how much character it has given me. I could hardly do our school talent show before and now I feel ready to take on the world! – Sarah, 12

I also like this camp…no, LOVE this camp because I belong here. Everyone is so nice. We all support each other and there is no bullying for being different. – Telia, 15

I enjoy learning how to be more confident and comfortable in my own skin. Camp Summer Stars is important to me because I am doing something that is positive and having tons of fun. – Aiesha, 15

This place is our escape from reality and a place where we can be ourselves and not be judged by everybody. This is a place where we can JUST BE! – Isabel, 13

Camp is important to me because I have learned countless things that have helped me in life. For example, self confidence. Before I came here I had absolutely no self confidence at all! And now I can talk to anyone without a single problem. – Arrayon, 13

Camp is important to me because it gets me away from city life where there is a lot of violence and hate but here, this is home, where it is quiet and I can express myself through writing. – Maximus, 12

It is a place to show off your talent but I am here to find my talent and that’s really important to me. – Tatyana, 15

This camp made me, me. I got so confident. I became a beautiful person. This camp changed me. – Haylee, 14

This camp, for me, is a time for me to get away and escape all the drama or any bad feelings I have at home. Every year I am able to get the chance to come here, I gain new experiences and go home having learned new the things. I love the fact that I am able to meet all these new people. We come from so many different places and all end up joining here as one, big family. No words can really explain the fun, laughter and joy that I feel when I come out here every year. – Kayana, 15

Summer Stars is a place where you learn many things. For the past two years I have learned to try something new and to break out of my comfort zone. Most of all, I learned to try and fail, because failing means you are one step closer to victory. – Metasebia, 16

I hope to take all the valuable lessons (I learned) and I hope to apply all of these in my daily life. I appreciated every morning, waking up and being greeted by a new, all-inspiring lesson that befits (or benefits?) me as a person. – Marty, 13

I came to Summer Stars because my music teacher recommended it and I am so glad I came because I learned how to be proud, adventurous and myself. I will use all of these things in my community, home and school. My attitude has been greatly shifted and I will forever have a more positive and amazing outlook on life. – Hannah, 13

Summer Stars has taught me so many unforgettable lessons that will help me pursue my dreams and help myself and others be happier. – Hannah, 13

Summer Stars has showed me ways to make friends which is helpful as a military child because I get to be the “new girl” a lot. – Hannah, 13

From this experience I’ve become more open to other people around me and became adventurous. I’ve learned to be proud of who I’m becoming and shine radiantly when I perform on stage. I hope to stay authentic for the years to come. – Akeyre, 14

This camp has changed who I am. I used to be shy, insecure and never sang in front of anyone. This week I opened myself and sang in front of hundreds of people. Because of (Summer Stars) I changed from a shy, insecure cocoon to a bold and shining butterfly. – Jessica, 13

This camp means a whole lot to me. The community and setting brings a positive vibe for me. I love how open this camp makes everyone. You don’t see that often. – Stacia, 16

I learn to be myself and be proud of who I am. – Katt, 12

I love every moment of this camp but what I enjoy most is the sense of community I get while being at this camp. [At home there’s a lot of arguing, police sirens and murders, especially on the selective streets people know as my neighborhood.] Summer Stars is the 8 days of 365 where I feel completely at peace. – Peyton

It meant a lot to me to get into this camp because I learned what it means to be different, take a chance, be authentic and I learned to be proud of it. I usually don’t draw but thus year taking the class I used my only skills for making something beautiful. – Elly, 12

My favorite thing in this camp was being able to be a better everything and find out who I am. – Zacharie, 14

This camp really helped me find myself and allowed me to express the things that mean the most to me. I especially enjoyed being part of a family-like group of wonderful people who all appreciate performing. – Gabe, 13

My town is a cage and Summer Stars is the hand that opened the cage and allowed me to stretch my wings and just fly. The most important thing during camp that I picked up on was the power to just be myself. – Zyair, 16

Summer Stars broke me out of my shell. – Melissa, 16

Summer Stars is the place you come to if you love performing arts and want to be changed for the better. It is a place where opportunities and risks are unlimited.- Briana, 15

When I came to Summer Stars Camp my life changed. I was in an environment where I was comfortable in my own skin and my voice actually mattered. – Selina, 14